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Guangjia Jiang
2010-present – Ph.D., Lake carbon from remote sensing, Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2007-2010 – M.A., Inland water optical remote sensing, Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

2007-2010 – BA, Vegetation remote sensing, Shandong University of Science and Technology
Research Interests:
The inputs of terrestrial carbon into inland waters estimated from remote sensing
The dynamics of the organic and inorganic carbon in optically complex Case II waters from water color
Further study about the role of phytoplankton in the carbon cycle in inland waters
Selected Publications:
 Guangjia Jiang, Ronghua Ma, Steven A Loiselle and Hongtao Duan. (2012). Optical approaches to examining the dynamics of dissolved organic carbon in optically complex inland waters. Environmental Research Letters, 7, 034014.
 Ronghua Ma, Guangjia Jiang, Hongtao Duan, Luca Bracchini and Steven A Loiselle. (2011). Effective upwelling irradiance depths in turbid waters: a spectral analysis of origins and fate. Optics Express, 19(8), 7127-7138.
 Guangjia Jiang, Dianwei Liu, Kaishan Song, Zongming Wang, Bai Zhang and Yuandong Wang. (2010). Application of Multivariate Model Based on Three Simulated Sensors for Water Quality Variables Estimation in Shitoukoumen Reservoir, Jilin Province, China. Chinese Geographical Science, 20(4), 337-344.