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●  Yunlin Zhang, Bing Zhang, Ronghua Ma, Chengfeng Le. Optically active substances and their contributions to the underwater light 
    climate in Lake Taihu, a large shallow lake in China. Fundamental and Applied Limnology, 2007, 170: 11-19.

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    continuum removal analysis of fluorescence peak in Lake Chagan, China. Proceedings of SPIE, 2007, 6752: 1M1-1M10 .
●  Shouxuan Zhang, Ronghua Ma. Hydrophtes extraction in Taihu Lake, China: an approach of integrating decision tree with water 
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●  Wei Tang, Shuhe Zhao, Ronghua Ma, Chunhong Wang, Shouxuan Zhang. Extraction of enclosure culture area from SPOT-5 image
    based on texture feature. Proceedings of SPIE, 2007, 6752: 2D01-2D09.
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●  Ronghua Ma, Xiaodong Ma. Cognitive Logic Representation of Spatial Association Rules of Knowledge Discovery from GIS 
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●  Ronghua Ma, Jinfang Dai. Investigation of chlorophyll-a and total suspended matter concentrations using Landsat ETM and field 
    spectral measurement in Taihu Lake, China. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 2005, 26: 2779-2787.